No Sleep Til Brooklyn

My web development program through the Flatiron School is September through December. After that Nicole plans to move back to the United States. Her and I are going to get an apartment together near Bank Street, her school. In the meantime, however, I needed a place to live. Luckily, I found a subreddit for NYC Apartments. I procured a … Continue reading No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Wine Picks and Litewave Media

A couple weeks ago, Litewave Media, the video production company I work at, set its sites on Tongal's latest video competition. Tongal is a video production site that crowd-sources video commercials as contests. One of their latest competitions was for a company called Wine Picks. Wine Picks is an iPhone app that helps its users … Continue reading Wine Picks and Litewave Media

Litewave Media and Ideal Image

My work at Litewave Media keeps getting more and more exciting. Everyday at work, my decision to work in production is reaffirmed. This week, Litewave Media filmed a series of training videos for Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal, about 40 in total. I was on set for three days as a production assistant, script supervisor, … Continue reading Litewave Media and Ideal Image