Last Day in Munich, Here comes Berlin


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On our last day in Munich we woke and prepared for the day. Once again, we visited our little breakfast buffet place. After breakfast we walked through central Munich one last time. We bought some postcards for our family, ate some snacks, and visited the Deutsch Museum in Munich.

Deutsch Museum

What a cool place.  It’s a great big museum of everything. Walking through the museum is like reading an encyclopedia. Want to learn about welding, what it is, and a history of it? There’s a section devoted to it. Want to learn about gear ratios and common applications of said ratios? There’s a section for it. Ok, so it might not be interesting for most people, but I had a blast there. I just wish more of the descriptions were in English. [divider_flat]


Traveling to Berlin

That evening, we returned to our AirBnB and packed all our things for our bus to Berlin. The bus station was close to the central train station, or Hauptbahnhof, so it was an easy walk from where the subway dropped us off. Our bus arrived a little bit late, but otherwise we didn’t have any problems traveling to Berlin.  The bus was two stories, much like a double decker London bus and the seats reclined a bit further than most airplane seats. I had no problem falling asleep within a few minutes of us leaving the bus terminal. Something about the trip and my jetlag made it incredibly easy for me to fall asleep on transportation, a problem I’ve had since I was a kid.

So Munich and Delhi are now completed. We’ve visited two of the four cities we intended to visit and we’re halfway through our trip. I enjoyed both cities for wildly different reasons. Delhi had beautiful monuments, temples, mosques, and mausoleums. Munich was quiet, peaceful, scenic, and the beer was fantastic.

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