Last Day in Iceland and First Day in AMERICA

Today was my last day in Iceland. I had a blast. Nicole and I got up and had some coffee at a little shop down the road. Supposedly it’s the best coffee in Iceland, and it was pretty delicious, but I honestly preferred the place we went on our first day. We packed our bags…

Second Day in Iceland – Caves and Volcanoes

Our second day in Iceland we had less of a structure to our day. We knew we wanted to see caves and volcanoes so we hopped in our rental car for the last day we had it and set a course for the nearest caves we could find, which turned out to be quite good….

First Day in Iceland – The Golden Circle

We woke about four hours after we fell asleep from the night before. As expected, the sun was out and shining brightly. While we were in Iceland, the sun set around 11pm and rose again around 3am. Because the sun set so late and rose so early, there were only a few hours of darkness…

Third Day in Berlin – Street Art

We went on an alternative Berlin street art tour that involved some graphic images. There aren’t many, but there are a few graphic images in the gallery towards the middle of the page. Just a heads up. Now, on with the blog… We woke a bit later than usual the day after the world cup….

Last Day in Munich, Here comes Berlin

On our last day in Munich we woke and prepared for the day. Once again, we visited our little breakfast buffet place. After breakfast we walked through central Munich one last time. We bought some postcards for our family, ate some snacks, and visited the Deutsch Museum in Munich. Deutsch Museum What a cool place….

Day Three in Germany – Nymphenburg Palace and River Surfers

Nicole and I slept in until nearly 10am, which meant I got an absurd 12 hours of sleep. It was grand.  For breakfast we found an 8 euro brunch buffet across from our AirBnB. We loaded up on all kinds of breads, jams, and yogurts before realizing that the rest of the buffet was around…

Day Two in Germany – Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein

Nicole and I woke kind of early and took a train to the city of Füssen where King Ludwig II’s childhood palace, Hohenschwangau, and his later castle, Neuschwanstein, were located. To visit Füssen, we took all manner of transportation: a subway to central Munich, a train to Füssen, a bus to Hohenschwangau, and finally a short…