First Day in Berlin – Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust Memorial

The Yellow Trams of Berlin
The Yellow Trams of Berlin

We reached Berlin around 8am and took a subway and a tram across town to Platz der Vereinten Nationen, where we would be staying. We got lost en route and took the wrong tram a few stops in the wrong direction before we figured it out and went back. Around 9:45 we made it to our new AirBnB, met our hosts friend, and “checked in”. She gave us the key and told us where the apartment was. It was a nice apartment, but a 6 story walkup. We got a lot of exercise while we were in Berlin. [divider_flat]

R and R

The giant door to our apartment in Berlin
The giant door to our apartment in Berlin

After an overnight bus and a bit of a hike getting across town to our apartment, we were a bit worn out. It was nice to relax in the apartment for a few hours and catch up on some sleep, and do some laundry.

Berlin By Foot

That afternoon we took a free walking tour of Berlin. We got a chance to see the Brandenburg gate, several embassies, the holocaust memorial, Berlin Wall, and a number of other sites in the city. We also tried currywurst, a famous Berlin street food. It’s the German equivalent of the chili cheese dog. Its terribly unhealthy but delicious. Currywurst is sliced sausage in a curry sauce. If you’re ever in Berlin, try it.[divider_flat]


After our walking tour we returned to the Berlin wall to snap a few pictures and get some dinner. We had some of our favorite late night food in Korea: Kebabs (not at all Korea, I know). All over Berlin, cafes, bars, and restaurants were getting ready for the World Cup. There were numerous TV sets and viewing parties set up. The plaza surrounding Brandenburg gate was set up to host a giant viewing party as well. We started to plan out where we would go for the game and scouted locations, but I’ll write about that tomorrow.

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