Mexico, North America

Day 5: The lost day, museums and such

I messed up. haha. This day was originally missing and day 6 was labeled as day 5, so here it is: the lost day; Day 5 part 2: the day-ening. I’m glad I noticed this because it was a really fun day and pretty easy to write about. We started the day with an Uber […]

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North America, USA

Storm King Sculpture Garden

Rebecca and I borrowed her family’s extra car and drove up to Storm King Art Center,  a giant sculpture garden in upstate New York named for it’s closeness to Storm King Mountain. It’s about an hour and a half drive North of New York City and once you’re out of the city, it’s quite peaceful. The […]

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Europe, Germany, Iceland

The Last Day in Berlin – Museum Island then Iceland

On our last day in Berlin, we headed over to Museum Island, Berlin’s island …of museums. We got passes and walked through a few of the museums including a painting gallery, a sculpture gallery, and a history museum. Just like the Deutsch Museum in Munich, they were really informative. The history museum even went into […]

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Europe, Germany

Last Day in Munich, Here comes Berlin

On our last day in Munich we woke and prepared for the day. Once again, we visited our little breakfast buffet place. After breakfast we walked through central Munich one last time. We bought some postcards for our family, ate some snacks, and visited the Deutsch Museum in Munich. Deutsch Museum What a cool place. […]

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Asia, Thailand

Thailand Day Six: The Bro Out

This is Day Six of my Thailand trip. If you havent read the other days yet, read Day One, Two, Three, Four, and Five first. That’s right, there’s homework involved in this blog post. Just kidding. You don’t need to read any old posts. However, if you’re interested, there are some neat adventures about grand […]

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