Flying to Mexico City: our first day walking around

What a trip getting to Mexico City. Rachael and I started our day at 4:30am getting dressed and ready for the airport then taking an Uber to our local airport before flying to Miami. We ended up with plenty of time to spare since neither Rachael nor I checked any luggage (hurray for packing light!). … Continue reading Flying to Mexico City: our first day walking around

Visiting Boracay, Philippines – Part 3

Weather So far in the trip the weather was beautiful. Everyday everywhere you looked the view looked like a postcard: tall palm trees, turquoise waters, soft white sand beaches. There was a gentle breeze at all times and while it was definitely warm, I wouldn't say it ever really became sweltering. However, we were visiting … Continue reading Visiting Boracay, Philippines – Part 3

Visiting Boracay, Philippines – Part 1

Ahh Boracay. Normally on our vacations, Nicole and I put together a giant Google Doc with all kinds of info on weather, exchange rates, places to go, things to do. However, when it came down to planning for this trip, I was busy with Flatiron School prework so Nicole did all the planning. It was … Continue reading Visiting Boracay, Philippines – Part 1

A Day in the Life: Gwangyang English Town

Last year I wrote a blog post about my life working, teaching, and living in Gwangju, South Korea. I taught in a Hagwon, an after school English academy. My hours were 1-10 and I taught small classes of very gifted students. If you're interested in more information, I encourage you to read "A Day in … Continue reading A Day in the Life: Gwangyang English Town

The Last Day in Berlin – Museum Island then Iceland

On our last day in Berlin, we headed over to Museum Island, Berlin's island ...of museums. We got passes and walked through a few of the museums including a painting gallery, a sculpture gallery, and a history museum. Just like the Deutsch Museum in Munich, they were really informative. The history museum even went into … Continue reading The Last Day in Berlin – Museum Island then Iceland

Traveling to Delhi

Nicole and I woke up early Tuesday morning eager to begin our adventure to India. We hailed a cab from in front of our hotel. I've never been offered a price different than the meter in Korea, and aside from occasionally being confused, I've found Korean cab drivers to be very honest and helpful. This cab … Continue reading Traveling to Delhi

Japan Vacation – Returning to Korea

One Last Train Ride [photogrid ids="2922,2925" captions="yes" columns="three" fullwidth="yes" ] Nicole and I woke early, cleaned our room, and took a train back to the Osaka airport. The ride was early and uneventful. The often crowded subway was sparsely populated with random Japanese people and the odd tourist with a suitcase making the same trip … Continue reading Japan Vacation – Returning to Korea