Visiting Boracay, Philippines – Part 3


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So far in the trip the weather was beautiful. Everyday everywhere you looked the view looked like a postcard: tall palm trees, turquoise waters, soft white sand beaches. There was a gentle breeze at all times and while it was definitely warm, I wouldn’t say it ever really became sweltering. However, we were visiting during the rainy season and reminders of that were along the beach. During the rainy season it can get very windy and there are occasional typhoons. To combat this, many of the establishments along the beach construct bamboo scaffolding to protect their shops and restaurants from the wind and rain of the storms.

Leaving Boracay

Leaving Boracay Philippines

Towards the end of our trip we ran into some rain and got to experience the storms firsthand. They weren’t too bad as long as you could duck into a bar or cafe and ride out the many short rainstorms throughout the day. On our last day there was some concern even that we wouldn’t be able to leave or that the boats would stop running, leaving us stranded on the island. Fortunately for us, despite the weather, the boats off the island kept running and we were able to leave our last day.

Our cab to Kalibo airport

During the week the weather had been nice for us, but the main island where Kalibo Airport was didn’t fare so well. It rained a bunch and we were nearly stuck in a flood on the road. That night we stayed at our original hotel where we’d stayed the first night. The next morning we hailed a cab to the airport loaded with all of our stuff. I travelled to Manila > Abu Dhabi > JFK. Nicole flew to Kuala Lumpur > Melbourne Australia where she planned to work as an au pair.

100 degrees in Abu Dhabi

This was close to midnight in Abu Dhabi and it was 100 degrees out.

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