Actually Visiting Oaxaca: Take Two


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After our failed attempt to fly to Oacaca due to a delayed flight, we returned to the airport Sunday. This time around everything went smoothly. Both our flights were on time and we had plenty of time to make our connection.

We arrived in Oaxaca’s little airport and walked off the plane onto the runway and into the terminal. Rachael and I never check bags, so we walked through baggage claim and the terminal, then breezed through customs and caught a cab. You can take a shared bus (collectivo), similar to an airport shuttle, but it was getting late and we’d read that option takes about twice as long. Our cab was $350MXN (≈$18 USD) from Oaxaca airport to our AirBnB in cetro, Oaxaca and only took about 20 minutes.

Our cab driver dropped us off and we met our AirBnB host at the door to the property. He gave us a key and led us inside a courtyard containing several apartments, and directed us to ours. It’s a 2 story loft apartment with a living room and kitchen downstairs and a bedroom and bathroom upstairs. It was about $50/night. There are hotels that are more expensive, and AirBnBs that are cheaper, but this felt like a good mix of both with the best location and amenities (kitchen, fridge, tons of space).

That night we went out to Tacos Roy and got a ton of tacos that were < $1 each. Rachael had al pastor. I had al pastor, lingua, and carnitas. The place was small and had a mix of young and old, tourist and local inside. The TV was playing a youtube playlist of Mexican music set to stock footage. We were pretty tired from a day of travel, at this point, so after dinner we headed back to the AirBnB to rest up for the rest of our trip.

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