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Going to Oaxaca proved to be tougher than expected. We were flying American Airlines out of Tampa with a connection in Dallas, so far so good, but American Airlines only has 1 flight out of Dallas to Oaxaca per day. We arrived at the airport in Tampa and got through security no problem. Then, while waiting for our flight at our gate, we received a notification that our flight was delayed, then another, and another.

After an hour, it became clear that our flight to Dallas was going to arrive after our connecting flight to Oaxaca was scheduled to depart, and the Dallas to Oaxaca flight for Saturday was already sold out. So we had 2 choices: fly to Dallas for 2 days, or hang out at home for another 2 days, and fly out on Sunday.

We went with the Sunday option and headed over to Golden Dino Vegan Deli in Gulfport. I planted some more plants in the backyard (I’ll put a post together about that another time).

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