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Claire and I heard about the pandemic on the news. It was starting to appear in major cities around the US and there were isolated cases. Claire and I had purchased Disney Florida resident passes and decided we should try to make the most of them before Disney closed.

My grandfather gifted us a stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort and Claire and I made the 2-hour drive over to Disney.

A giraffe from our hotel balcony!

Visiting Epcot

If Claire and I couldn’t travel around the world due to the pandemic, we would bring the world to us. We wandered around Epcot and had some adventures.

Pretending we’re in Paris (at Epcot).
A view from Epcot’s world showcase.
I took this one toward the end of the day. I really like the composition and lighting on the ball at Epcot.

A Galaxy Far Away….

Claire and I visited MGM Hollywood Studios and checked out the new Star Wars area. Despite the pandemic, it was packed but very cool to walk through. It felt like I was walking into the movies.

Claire and I waited forever in line for this ride. You pilot the Millenium Falcon with a crew of fellow people you waited in line with. Claire and I weren’t a big enough group on our own, so we were paired up with a family. The experience, while immersive and very promising, turned out to be a bit of a dud if you didn’t have a group to fill out the cockpit. The family we were paired with had 2 kids who didn’t steer and 2 parents that just took photos, so much of the ride was characters gently suggesting we stop crashing into things and steer the ship instead.

Claire and I will have to go back another time with a full crew and do it right.

This just cracked me up. If only they’d used the button for Jar Jar Binks.

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