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Claire and I bought some kayaks off Facebook marketplace from an older couple that didn’t use them anymore. We mounted them in our side yard so they’re easy to load up when adventure calls.

We’ve been taking the kayaks to various springs and bodies of water around Florida including a few mangrove tunnels and long-closed theme parks.

This is from Weedon Island, an 8-mile trail through mangrove tunnels and small coastal islands about 20 minutes from Claire and I.
Exploring 3 Sisters Springs to see manatees!
Kayaking through Weeki Wachee. This trail is a point to point trail, so we’ll drop off the kayaks, then I’ll drive to the end and Uber back to the trailhead if it’s just Claire and I. This is one of my favorite routes. The water is crystal clear and you can see the seagrass and fish swimming underneath you. The current takes you through the trail. You could almost do the whole thing without paddling.
This is hands down one of the best trails in all of Florida to kayak. It’s in an old theme park that was closed and turned over to the state. They have glass bottom boats if you don’t have your own kayaks. Most of the kayak route is where an old attraction used to be, very similar to Disney’s Jungle Cruise. It even has an old fort (old from the time it was a theme park, not original to the American Civil War). Along the route, there’s also an island where some monkeys got loose and live there still to this day. We saw a few on our trip.
This is from another kayaking adventure we went on. A big part of the end of each trip is Claire and I stop for local seafood after a morning on the water. Nothing better than fresh seafood on the water after a brisk morning paddle session.

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