Day 7 in Mexico City: Peaceful parks


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Since Rachael and I were leaving Mexico City the next day pretty early, this was our last full day. We took our time and enjoyed ourselves. For breakfast, we went to this fantastic little sandwich place around the corner from the AirBnB. The sandwiches, or tortas, had onion, avocado, chorizo, and spicy pickled veggies on it and the table had a small container of more of the pickled vegetables in case you wanted it spicier. I wanted it spicier so I helped myself.

mmm, tortas

After breakfast, we took an uber to the park we visited on Wednesday and walked around the botanical gardens. It was calm and serene and pleasing to walk through.

Sitting in the audiorama relaxation park and reading for a bit. It’s an area of the park where they play relaxing music and you can rent books from them, or bring your own. All of the benches are reclined more than a regular bench (see the orange bench in the photo below), so they’re even more relaxing.

Relaxing in Audiorama

After our park read n’ relax, we walked back through La Condesa and stopped at a vegan restaurant called Los Loosers. It was delicious, but not very filling.

Each one was a crunchy inflated corn tortilla with various different fillings. It was vegan, but a few of them tasted a bit like goat cheese

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