Day 3 in Mexico City: Coworking and wandering


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Our third day in Mexico City, I woke up early and worked from the Airbnb. One of the many advantages of working remotely is that I can travel and work, so on days where Rachael wants to go on outings to shops and such, I can get some work done and then join her in the afternoon. I did forget to set my timezone to central though, so I started my day at 7am instead of my usual 8am. Being on central time made waking up an hour earlier easier though.

I woke up on Monday and got to work while Rachael went out to a cafe to buy some breakfast for us. She came back with some delicious chilaquiles and coffee for us to eat on my break. That afternoon she walked around Roma, our neighborhood, while I finished the rest of my workday.

Pizza lunch and walk

I joined Rachael after work and we got some pizza with pear, goat cheese, and balsamic vinegar. The pears were unexpected. I’m not really a fan of sweet pizza. I tend to lean towards savory with a bit of hot sauce on it.

Goat cheese, pear, and balsamic vinegar pizza

After our late lunch, we walked around Roma. Rachael showed me some of the places she’d visited. I really like the green spaces around the city. On our walk, we passed several fountains and small parks.

Shirt Shopping

Flamingo Fashion

We stopped into a small boutique and I got a cool flamingo shirt (I’m wearing it now as I write this). If I had more room in my luggage, I would have bought more clothes there. They had some really cool shirts.

Mole Mole Mooooole

That night I found a restaurant nearby with really good mole. Rachael and I went out at 7:30 and were some of the only people in the whole place. We had the entire patio to ourselves. It might have been because it was a Monday, but it also may have been because we were out so early, by Mexico dinner time.

It was some of the best food I’d had in Mexico City. The chips and salsa to start were so good. I can’t get enough of the different salsas and they all have the right amount of heat. The salsas back home aren’t spicy enough for my liking. For my entree, I had chicken mole enchiladas and Rachael got the mole chicken breast. We split a flan with raspberry sauce for dessert.

It was nice to have a relaxing evening of exploring our neighborhood and enjoying a nice dinner together. I don’t like to plan too much when I vacation. I usually schedule one big sight or activity each day and then fill in the rest of my day with smaller activities I find along the way like stopping into shops or parks nearby or finding other sights along the way.

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