Day of Rest – Indian Food

Last weekend Nicole and I went to Oedaldo island off the coast of Mokpo on the West coast of Korea. It was part of my two days off for summer break before summer intensives started up. Since Nicole works for a different school she had a different two days off. For her vacation, she took a trip along the East coast of Korea. Since I had a different break I couldn’t travel with her so I hung out in Gwangju. Saturday I caught up with some cleaning and errands around town. Since I’d arrived in Korea I’ve been traveling all over the place, everywhere from Wondo to Seoul to Oedaldo. However, all the traveling was starting to wear me down so I gave myself a well deserved day off. I got my bike tire fixed, bought groceries, and watched tons of Netflix.

Lunch at First Nepal

That night Kayla, my neighbor, co-teacher, and friend went out for Indian food at a restaurant downtown called First Nepal. If you know anything about me, it’s that I love Indian food and it had been awhile since I last had Indian food. Kayla and I both got cards for the Indian place the last time we went that entitled us to free naan, delicious Indian pitas, this time around.

Bunnies for Sale
Bunnies for Sale

We had a rousing dinner of Indian food then wandered downtown. Downtown Gwangju is interesting. There are so many sights and smells. There are food trucks that actually drive, sometimes while they are making food. There are old men selling bunnies on the street for only a few dollars.  I bought a whale shirt from a little store and got a shirt for “service” (free).

Whale Shirt Selfie
Whale Shirt Selfie



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