Web Development Bootcamp

Recently, I decided to leave Korea after my contract ends. I debated staying for a third year, but in the end, two years seems like enough. I've had a great time here. I've met tons of friends. I've traveled all over Southeast Asia, and gotten paid to do it, but after two years, I'm ready … Continue reading Web Development Bootcamp

Trick or Treating in Holiday Camp

Winter Camp at Gwangyang English Town

It's winter and that means one thing...winter camp. Public school teachers often have several weeks off from classes during the winter. These breaks are divided into vacation time and winter camp time. Nicole and I have 4 weeks of vacation starting at the end of January. However, before sweet sweet vacation we have 3 weeks … Continue reading Winter Camp at Gwangyang English Town

A Day in the Life: Gwangyang English Town

Last year I wrote a blog post about my life working, teaching, and living in Gwangju, South Korea. I taught in a Hagwon, an after school English academy. My hours were 1-10 and I taught small classes of very gifted students. If you're interested in more information, I encourage you to read "A Day in … Continue reading A Day in the Life: Gwangyang English Town

Some of the Gwangyang Group

Gwangyang, South Korea

This year, Nicole and I are teaching in public school in a small town in South Korea. Our town is called Gwangyang. It's in the Jeollanamdo province. The province is in the Southwest corner of South Korea. We live on the Eastern border of the province. It's divided, by mountain, into two districts Dong Gwangyang and Gwangyang-Eup. I … Continue reading Gwangyang, South Korea