My first Friday

Going Away Party for Tez and Melissa
Going Away Party for Tez and Melissa

This weekend was my first weekend in Korea, and what a weekend. Friday night we had a small party at work to celebrate Tez and Melissa leaving. They were the two teachers that Kayla, my neighbor, and I are replacing. There was lots of cake (both ice cream and regular) and tons of fried chicken and fried shrimp. Korea has tons of fast food places with fried chicken. They love it here.

After work, the teachers from my school, and the school upstairs, where Kayla works, met at one of the other apartment buildings that a lot of the teachers live at and we had a rooftop party. Their apartment complex is something like 7 stories and it sits on a mountainside overlooking the city. The view is amazing. Unfortunately, it was pitch black up there so I don’t have any pictures of it…yet.

Rooftop Party
Rooftop Party

At the party, we had Cass, OB, and Hite, all Korean beer. They taste like generic light beer from the states and they’re pretty cheap. Aside from Korean beer, most stores also sell Hoegaarden, Heineken, and Budweiser and of course Soju. Soju is a distilled rice beverage usually about 20% ABV. Its either drank straight or mixed with cola or cola and beer. I tried all three forms. Soju and cola is my favorite and tends to be the least alcoholic.

The party was a good way to hang out with my coworkers outside of work. There was a good mix of Korean and American teachers there as well so we all got to mingle and share out culture and stories. I really like my Korean coworkers, they’re all really nice and very helpful.

Korean Beer
Korean Beer

After a few drinks and some interesting conversation, Nicole, Kayla, and I walked back to the apartment to get a little bit of sleep before our beach adventure tomorrow.

Beach Day Post coming soon…

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