• Growing Oyster Mushrooms

    Growing Oyster Mushrooms

    Claire and I got a kit off of Amazon that lets us grow our own oyster mushrooms. You rip open a cardboard panel on the front of the box and then score the surface of a mushroom substrate (it kind of resembles a block of tempeh). You then spritz some water on the mushroom substrate […]

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  • Watercolor painting

    Watercolor painting

    Chatting with Claire got me thinking about creating some art. I decided on watercolors as the barrier to entry, in terms of supplies, seemed pretty low. I hopped on Amazon, ordered some paint, a book of watercolor paper, and some scotch tape to frame the edges of my ‘canvas’. It’s not great, but it’s a […]

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  • Boardgames with Iain & Rachel

    Boardgames with Iain & Rachel

    Playing old board games with my grandfather and his wife

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  • Getting Bagels with Sophie

    Getting Bagels with Sophie

    Sophie and I went to St. Petersburg bagel Company for morning bagels.

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  • Timber! Neighbor’s Tree Removal

    Timber! Neighbor’s Tree Removal

    My neighbor, to my surprise, had a tree in their front yard removed.

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  • Homemade Pickles

    Homemade Pickles

    Making my own homemade pickles using fresh dill from the garden and hydroponically grown Boston pickling cucumbers.

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