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Blogging More in 2019


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When I lived in South Korea, I blogged a ton. Everyday was a new adventure. I regularly went to restaurants I’d never been to before and had exotic cultural experiences that I just didn’t have in the states. My job overseas also allowed for more opportunities to travel to faraway locations, since I was already on that side of the world. Basically, there was tons of fodder for my blog.

Upon returning to the states, I was in New York and still having new experiences, but I was just so busy with my web development program that I rarely had time to sit and reflect, let alone compose those thoughts and formulate a coherent post that someone would want to read, or that would even make sense to me retrospectively.

I had an amazing opportunity to travel with my family about a year after returning to the states, and while I was able to create a really cool scrapbook of that experience, I didn’t get around to blogging about it. This year, I’d like to change that. I want to start blogging more, and part of that entails lowering the barrier to entry. It’s not so important that I write about every moment of everyday, as long as I can share the highlights and pictures I collect.

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