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What a wild two weeks. Last weekend, Nicole and I visited Sado Island and walked amongst the dinosaurs. This weekend we visited Namhae, South Korea, a more populous beach location about two hours from our home in Gwangyang. There were a ton of other people, foreigners and Koreans, at Namhae that weekend. We all visited as part of a birthday celebration for several teachers in the Yeosu, Gwangyang, Suncheon area. Our friend Nick, who recently moved to our old city of Gwangju, came out with my cousin Nate to stay at the beach as well. Our friend Brendan recently purchased a car by the name of “Walter White Car” so he drove us all out to Namhae for the weekend. It was nice to travel by car and not have to take a bus.

Namhae was a ton of fun, but prohibitively cold for some reason, perhaps the ominous fog lurking in the distance. We spent the better part of the day hanging out on the beach catching up with old friends and making new friends. For dinner a group of us went to a local seafood restaurant where we got to cook our food right at the table, a common style of dining in South Korea. That night there was singing, dancing, and smores on the beach. The next day, I said goodbye to my cousin Nate and everyone else at Namhae and hopped in Walter White Car and returned to Gwangyang.

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