Vienna, Austria – Europe Day 31 – June 27


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I woke up this morning and wandered down to the computers in the hostel common room, wondering how I was going to meet up with Rob that day. Rob was on one of the computers already. Problem solved. Rob and I caught up on our travel experiences, he told me about Krakow, and I told him about Florence and the music festival yesterday.

We made our way over to the nearest grocery store. The store had the Aldi logo, but it was called something else, Hauffe maybe, I can’t remember. Rob and I bought ham, jam, cheese, bread, and coke to chase the caramel vodka he’d bought in Krakow.

Back at the hostel, we made ham, jam, and cheese sandwiches. They were amazing, like miniature Monte Cristos. Rob asked if I wanted to try the vodka, it was noon and I was in Europe, of course, I did. The vodka coke went well with our sandwiches and provided a nice start to our day.

After breakfast, or more aptly lunch, Rob and I took the train to the city center. This time there were twice as many tourists, and half as many Mozarts, it was a disappointing ratio but made me question my sanity less. We saw Cathedrals with scaffolding, the Hapsburg Palace, and gardens, ate cake on the most expensive street in Vienna, visited Parliament, the Opera house, and Museum Quarter. It was a busy day in Vienna. Rob and I chose to end with finger sandwiches, wine tasting outside the city center, and pizza and beer at the Aussie bar by the hostel.

Rob and I left the bar around 11:30 so we would have time to catch our 8:30am train to Bratislava, Slovakia.

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