Ljubljana, Slovenia – Krakow, Poland – Europe Day 38 – July 4


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Independence Day behind the Iron Curtain

Rob and I got up around 8 and had an early breakfast before packing and taking a taxi to the train station. We got a quick bite to eat at McDonald’s and used their free Wifi to catch up with people back home. McDonald’s has become the US embassy for me. I know no matter where I am, except for Italy, McDonald’s had free wifi and clean bathrooms. I have no idea if the US embassies offer either of those services, but I would imagine so.

Rob’s train left at 11:30 so he was the first to leave. We said our goodbyes and made tentative plans to bike the Pinellas Trail when I returned to St. Petersburg in mid-August. I spent the rest of the afternoon editing pictures and catching up on blog posts. I’d been so busy over the past couple of days it was nice to have a chance to do nothing for a bit.

I was going to spend the entire day traveling and rather than dreading it, I looked forward to it. I’d be able to rest for a whole day and do nothing but nap and listen to music. My first train took me to Vienna. I left at 4 and got in at 10. My next train left at 10:30 so I only had enough time to buy a slice of pizza and a tea and board the train.

Since I’d be traveling all night, I booked a sleeper car from Vienna to Krakow. I’d booked the cheapest bed I could which was in a room with three beds. Fortunately for me, however, I was the only one in my room and got to lay about all over the place for the duration of the trip.

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