Ibiza Fort

Ibiza, Spain-Europe Day 5

What a difference a good night of sleep makes. I felt like a new man waking up in Ibiza. Kiana and I grabbed a quick breakfast down on the beach and moved our bags over to the hostel across the street. The hostel was the most hippyesque place I have ever stayed, to give an example, the room we stayed in was littered with Che Guevara posters and quotes. It was neat.

Che Hostel

Che Hostel

A bit later in the day Kiana and I walked into the center of Ibiza Town and visited the sites. At the highest point in the city is a historic fort built about 1000 years ago that was conquered and reconquered numerous times. Shortly into our visit to the fort, the heavens opened and Kiana and I were caught in a downpour. We took refuge in town at an ATM where we met two Americans from the University of Maryland travelling through Europe. It was nice to meet up with some Americans and have a taste of home and familiarity. We all grabbed some pizza in town and made plans to meet up downtown later that night.

Ibiza Fort

Ibiza Fort

Kiana and I returned to the hostel to recoup, grabbed some food down the road, and met up with the DC guys back in town. This is when the day’s madness really began. The DC guys had pubcrawled their way around town and Kiana and I had pregamed at the hostel, suffice to say, we were all ready to party. Our first stop of the night was down at Pacha, one of Ibiza’s superclubs with the intention of finding a cheaper way in than the 50 euro cover at the door. We arrived around 11:45 and clubs in Ibiza dont really even open til midnight. I went up to the bouncer at the head of the line and told him it was our last night in Ibiza and asked if he knew of any way we could get cheaper tickets. He suggested checking the dock as they might have 30 euro tickets. That was still too much, and we were still feeling bold.

Seeing as Plan A failed, it was time to try Plan B. We decided to walk around the building and see if there was another way in. Our first real opportunity was an open door on the side of the building, but seeing as the club hadn’t opened yet, we doubted we could hide in the club undetected long enough for it to open. Opportunity 2, the liquid courage we’d all drank was starting to really take affect, and in any other situation this idea would have never left the ground. Next to Pacha was a ritzy sushi restaurant that shared a wall with the club. We snuck into the sushi restaurant under the pretense of going to the bathroom and were promptly asked to leave.  Attempt number 3, try the back door. The back door was locked and a security guard started yelling at us so we had to run. Clearly this was not meant to be.

Dejectedly, we walked next door to a little bar and all got massive steins of beer. Two steins later, we had all forgotten about our failed club capers and were making friends with the other randoms in the bar.

Flash forward, we’re walking back from the bar, get lost, manage to get wifi from the front of some random house and navigate home.

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