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Barcelona-Ibiza, Spain-Europe Day 4


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My first real day of Backpacking Europe. Kiana and I woke up, showered and packed our bags to be out of the room by 11am, a checkout time we later learned is nearly universal. Our first stop of the day was back downstairs to the hotel where our parents were staying to continue using their free buffet. The buffet caper went off without a hitch and none of the hotel staff knew or cared that we were using their buffet and not staying there.

After our crime filled breakfast, Kiana and I walked to her friend Julia’s house to drop Kiana’s backpacking bag off while we went to Ibiza, since she would be returning to Barcelona afterwards. I kept mine, as I would be in Madrid afterwards. Bags dropped off, Kiana and I took the train to the airport and wandered the terminal before our flight.

The duty free shop in the airport sold 9 euro vodka that Kiana and I stocked up on before our trip to Ibiza. Not only was it only 9 euro, according to the label with Bruce Willis’ face on it, its the “best vodka he knows of.”

Bruce Willis Vodka
Bruce Willis Vodka

The flight to Ibiza went smoothly, it was only a 30 minute flight, yet the flight crew talked on the intercom literally the entire time, which made reading, listening to music, or hearing yourself think tough. When we touched down at Ibiza airport, we disembarked onto the tarmac and walked along the runway to a waiting bus that drove us the remaining 200 ft to the terminal entrance (it didn’t make sense to me either). The Ibiza airport was a truly international crowd, with a handful of Americans sprinkled in.

Kiana and I spoke with the Americans and we shared a bus to Ibiza town where we separated. The other Americans getting lost, and us wandering Ibiza Town for hours looking for inexpensive housing. The hostel we were told to stay at was booked for that night so we went across the street to Hotel Maritimo. The room was 50 euro and right on the water, not bad for Ibiza. Finally being able to put down our bags after a long and exhausting hike around town was glorious. I wanted to lay down and never get up. Then we got up. Ate pizza. Returned to the room and passed out for the night.

Today was such an adventure. Its hard to imagine we woke up this morning in Barcelona and passed out in an Ibiza Hotel that night. Ibiza was not at all what I expected. It was a neat place, but it reminded me of Key West with a handful of superclubs scattered around the island. I’d expected a strip of superclubs with a clear clubbing district, something closer to Vegas or Miami.

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