Parkour Gainesville

This is my most recent project and represents the most technical post-production workflow I have overseen. Working with Deadpan Productions’ Adam Sharp and Brian Moghari, we followed the Gainesville Parkour team through a day of workouts and compiled what we found into the video above. The movie is filmed on a Canon 7D and edited in Final Cut Pro with Magic Bullet Looks. All of the slow motion effects and the credit sequence were created in Adobe After Effects using the Twixtor Plugin. This video was picked up by American Parkour and currently has nearly 6,000 views.

Country Road

I wrote, edited, and directed this short film during my senior year of college. The project was filmed on two Canon 7D cameras and edited in Final Cut Pro. The film was a joy to work on. From writing the script to finalizing the edit and burning the DVDs, I loved every minute on this project.

Stormy Night

Winner of the 2011 Cinerama Film Festival, this film was directed by Deadpan Productions’ own TJ Mitchell. I helped to co-write and film this project.

Tailgating at UF – University of Florida Office of Admissions

This project was part of an independent study at the University of Florida. Every week, we produced a short video for the Office of Admissions chronicling another aspect of life at the University of Florida.

Career Showcase – University of Florida Office of Admissions

This was another project for the University of Florida Office of Admissions exploring the annual Career Showcase. This video has been used numerous times by the University of Florida and by the Career Resource Center.

Roeder Status – A Fragrance for Intriguing Gentlemen

This is a fragrance ad parody created this past fall. The production was shot entirely on the 7D and edited with Final Cut Pro and Magic Bullet Looks. The audio was created in Garageband and Soundtrack Pro.

Dark Autumn – A kinetic Typography

This project was created in After Effects. Its a kinetic typography animation set to the song “Dark Autumn” by Grand Buffet.

Frank & Beans

They were two loose cannon cops on the edge. Two weeks from retirement and one week from suspension. Keith Franklin and “Beansie” Malone together are cleaning up the streets of 1970’s Miami as the buddy cop duo of “Frank & Beans”. I created this video as a simple demonstration of what a little green screen work and Adobe After Effects can accomplish.

4 Kings

While at the University of Florida, I formed a production company with several other film students. This was the first short film we produced. Its  the story of four young men and the daring heist they attempt to pull off.

Our Trip to the Stadium – Nikon D90 Test Footage

This is a short video I put together testing DSLR workflow and my new Nikon D90. While the project is simple, I enjoy the overall look and feel of the project and thus decided to include it here.

The Chase

A prisoner wakes up in a cell with no memory of his past. Through a series of cryptic texts, he learns he must escape. This short, was an experiment in quick cuts and fast paced action sequences. While filmed in only 1 day and less than 3 minutes long, the movie contains numerous angles, and hundreds of clips and cuts edited together to build tension and create a fast paced attention grabbing short.

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