• Sabbatical Part 2 – Wisconsin to Montana

    Sabbatical Part 2 – Wisconsin to Montana

    This post is leg 2 of Claire and my 4 part cross-country road trip. To read about the first leg of our trip, be sure to check out Sabbatical Part 1 – Florida to Wisconsin. Claire and I woke up in Madison, Wisconsin, packed out bags and hit the road. For Claire and I, this…

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  • Sabbatical Part 1 – Florida to Wisconsin

    Sabbatical Part 1 – Florida to Wisconsin

    Claire and I start the first leg of our big cross country roadtrip heading north to visit family, friends, and caves.

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  • Kayaking Around Florida

    Kayaking Around Florida

    Claire and I bought some kayaks off Facebook marketplace from an older couple that didn’t use them anymore. We mounted them in our side yard so they’re easy to load up when adventure calls. We’ve been taking the kayaks to various springs and bodies of water around Florida including a few mangrove tunnels and long-closed…

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  • Disney Before the Pandemic

    Disney Before the Pandemic

    Claire and I heard about the pandemic on the news. It was starting to appear in major cities around the US and there were isolated cases. Claire and I had purchased Disney Florida resident passes and decided we should try to make the most of them before Disney closed. My grandfather gifted us a stay…

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  • The First Annual Valencrab’s Day

    The First Annual Valencrab’s Day

    Claire and I were discussing seafood. My mom’s side of the family is from New England, and they prefer lobster. Claire was telling me her family always cooked up crab. I’d confessed that I’d never cooked up crab at home and wasn’t too familiar with it. Claire and I made plans to cook crab together,…

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  • Hydroponics Continued: Hot Sauce

    Hydroponics Continued: Hot Sauce

    A while ago, I wrote about growing peppers hydroponically. The peppers are finally ready and it was time to make my hot sauce. I gathered the peppers and tomatoes that were ready at the time, in this case: jalapeno, dragon cayenne, hot banana, serrano, and poblano. I pan-fried them in some oil with garlic and…

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