Winter Vacation Part 4 – The End of Tokyo

The Tokyo posts ended up running a bit long so I split them up. The first two parts are here. Tokyo 1 and Tokyo 2. Also, Nicole bought me a GoPro video camera and I made a video of our trip to Tokyo. Check it out! Our Sixth Day in Tokyo - Hakone Our time in Japan … Continue reading Winter Vacation Part 4 – The End of Tokyo

Winter Vacation Part 3 – More Tokyo

This is continued from Tokyo, Japan. If you missed that part, I encourage you to read it first. Also if you missed the Tokyo GoPro video, here it is! Our Third Day in Tokyo - Ghibli Museum Our third day in Tokyo was freezing, well, less than freezing. It was snowing...a lot. It was also the day … Continue reading Winter Vacation Part 3 – More Tokyo

Winter Vacation Part 2 – Tokyo, Japan

Nicole and I spent the last few days in Osaka winning Pachinko games and seeing temples in Osaka. However, now it was on to Tokyo. For both Nicole and I, we'd always dreamed of visiting Tokyo. It's considered one of the largest cities in the world, but outside of Shibuya it never really felt like it. … Continue reading Winter Vacation Part 2 – Tokyo, Japan

Winter Vacation Part 1 – Osaka

As part of our teaching contract, Nicole and I get 3-4 weeks off for Winter Vacation. This year our vacation was January 24th to February 22nd. We visited Osaka, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, and Kuala Lumpur. Here's the first entry, on Osaka. I should also mention, my amazing girlfriend, Nicole, bought me a GoPro … Continue reading Winter Vacation Part 1 – Osaka

Japan Vacation – Returning to Korea

One Last Train Ride [photogrid ids="2922,2925" captions="yes" columns="three" fullwidth="yes" ] Nicole and I woke early, cleaned our room, and took a train back to the Osaka airport. The ride was early and uneventful. The often crowded subway was sparsely populated with random Japanese people and the odd tourist with a suitcase making the same trip … Continue reading Japan Vacation – Returning to Korea

Japan Vacation – Kyoto and its Temples

Today marked the fourth day of Nicole and my Chuseok adventure in Japan. We arrived on Wednesday and spent the past several days visiting Osaka, Nara, and now finally, Kyoto. Breakfast We started the day with coffee and buns at a nice little café around the corner from our AirBnB residence. Up until this point … Continue reading Japan Vacation – Kyoto and its Temples

Japan Vacation – Nara and Deer

This is day three of my trip to Japan, if you haven't already, I urge you to read Day One or Two first. Nicole and I woke up early today and grabbed some snacks in our room before taking the train into Nara. The ride was on an express train and only about 40 minutes. We … Continue reading Japan Vacation – Nara and Deer

Japan Vacation – Osaka All Day

This is day two of my Japan trip over Chuseok. If you haven't read it yet, I encourage you to start with Day 1. A Great Night's Sleep I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but Korea is not known for its mattresses. My mattress and my coworker's mattresses, I'm told, are not comfortable. The … Continue reading Japan Vacation – Osaka All Day

Japan Vacation – First Stop Osaka

Nicole and I visited Japan over Korean Thanksgiving, more commonly known as, Chuseok. We had Wednesday to Sunday to cram as much globe-trotting into our lives as humanly possible. Since I've always wanted to visit Japan, we opted to go to Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara. Traveling to Osaka Wednesday Morning, we woke up at 6 … Continue reading Japan Vacation – First Stop Osaka