Italian Ladies Heritage Night and Roller Coaster

One thing I really like about New York is the ability to do seemingly anything you want at any given time. For example, last night, Rebecca and I took the subway out to Coney Island to see a minor-league baseball game and ride roller coasters. Rebecca’s friend got us all tickets for the game and we met up in front of the stadium. That night’s theme was both Ladies Night and Italian Heritage Night. The game was pretty fun. I love watching minor-league games because of all the gimmicks. They draw a much smaller crowd so they do a lot to try and keep people entertained. There were prize giveaways, races around the bases, and lots of drink specials (yay for public transportation).

After the game, Rebecca and I went on a roller coaster on the boardwalk then hopped back on the subway to return to the city. I don’t think there are many other cities where I could go to a baseball game, ride a rollercoaster and then take public transportation back to my apartment. The ease of getting around the city without a car is really growing on me.

Storm King Sculpture Garden

Rebecca and I borrowed her family’s extra car and drove up to Storm King Art Center,  a giant sculpture garden in upstate New York named for it’s closeness to Storm King Mountain. It’s about an hour and a half drive North of New York City and once you’re out of the city, it’s quite peaceful. The property is huge and we spent the better part of the day wandering around the grounds.