Around the World in 22 Days.

Last week I reached my last 60 days of my teaching contract in Korea. Nicole and I have had a blast so far this year and we’re looking forward to teaching in Korea for another upcoming year. We’ve looked into several programs and decided to pursue a few programs in the southern provinces of South Korea. If all goes according to plan we’ll be teaching in Korean public school starting in mid August, and hopefully living together. We should know more around June. That gives both of us about 1.5 months of vacation between our two contracts ending and then starting up again.

Since we’re in charge of booking our own flights back to the United States, Nicole and I decided to plan a mini trip around the world on our way home visiting a few places that we’ve both been interested in and that are vaguely on our way back to America. My contract ends after Nicole’s so we’re going to wait until my contract ends at the end of June to begin our trip. I finish my contract Monday night. After work Nicole and I will pack up the last of our stuff and take a bus to Incheon airport.

All of these pages will link to my travel entries from my trip as I write them so stay tuned.

First Stop India

Taj Mahal

Our first stop will be New Delhi, India. We’re going to fly to out from Korea Tuesday morning and spend a week in India traveling around New Delhi. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of interesting temples and markets in India. We will also be visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Next Up Germany


The next stop on our trip is in Munich, Germany. I visited Germany a few years ago, but Nicole’s never been and she told me she was really interested in visiting. In Munich we’ll see famous beer halls and churches. We’ll also travel outside the city to see castles like Neuschwanstein.

After a few days, Nicole and I are taking a night train and checking out one of Germany’s most historic cities and also home to Germany’s capital: Berlin. We’ll hang out in Berlin for a few days and see the sites before taking a plane across Europe to…



From Berlin, we’re traveling to Reykjavik, Iceland. Iceland is home to some incredible natural beauty. We’re going to see everything from lava caves, to geysers, and hot springs. Since Iceland is so far north, and we’re visiting in Summer, the sun will be up almost 24/7. The sun only sets for about five hours each night. Days last from 4am to 11pm and because “night” is so short, it never really gets dark. Those five hours of “sunset” really equate to about 3 hours of dawn/dusk and maybe an hour or two of true night.

Good Ole US of A

mt rushmore

Our final stop on the trip, before we return to our hometowns in Florida, will be in Boston. I’m going to spend the weekend in Boston visiting my friends Adam and Ali as well as my mom’s side of the family for a much deserved mini-reunion.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Jinhae Cherry Blossoms

Nicole and I visited a local cherry blossom festival in nearby Jinhae. The trip was through a local Korean tour guide named Pedro, its his adopted English name. He was the same tour guide we used for our second snowboarding adventure a month or two earlier.

Getting to Jinhae

Jinhae Cherry BlossomsWe met across from the bus terminal in Gwangju and hopped aboard the bus Pedro had rented for the day. He usually just uses his van, but he booked a big trip this time so he rented a full size bus. The trip out to Jinhae was about 3 hours and we arrived a little after noon. Driving through Jinhae, the streets were packed with Koreans eager to witness the majestic beauty of blooming cherry blossoms.




The City of Jinhae

The city was familiar with cherry blossom crowd management and setup Our Shuttle in Jinhaea temporary parking lot at the naval base just outside of town. Our bus dropped us off here and we took a $2 shuttle bus into the actual city. Central Jinhae is laid out like a bicycle wheel with a park in the center and many spokes reaching out in various directions. The central park was hosting a singing competition/music revue.  Nicole and I made a note to come back for it, but we had bigger plans for now.




Environment Eco-park Riverside

We walked straight through town and headed North to walk along a beautiful river and get some photos of blossoms over the river.

365 Steps of Mt. Jaehwang-san

365 steps of Mt. Jaehwang-sanLater we made our way to the 365 steps of Mt. Jaehwang-san. The steps were surprisingly manageable and only took a few minutes to climb.







Watching the Korean Naval BandKorean Naval Band

After out steps we were pretty beat. So we headed over to the local stadium to see the Korean Naval Band perform. Their drumline was really impressive to see. Somehow I lost the picture for it.