Paris, France – Europe Day 17 – June 13


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At 10:45 Kiana, Andrew, and I met up for sightseeing around Paris. We covered a lot of miles today and saw just about everything around Paris from the outside as most museums and attractions were closed because it was a holiday. At midday, we did a walking tour of the redlight district. It’s home to more than just the Moulin Rouge. Picasso and other artists once lived here. The tour was 10 euro and 3 hours with a break in the middle where Kiana, Andrew, and I bought wine and sampled free Fois Gras. About a 30 minutes after our wine and Fois Gras break we somehow lost the group and continued our tour set to our own agenda. The day was a holistic approach to sightseeing. We ended the night with a supermarket dinner of sandwiches in the hostel’s internet cafe followed by drinking wine beneath the Eiffel Tower.


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