As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in film and video. At my elementary school I worked behind the scenes on our morning news program. In middle and high school I continued to work with my school news program which led me to Lakewood High School. Lakewood’s news program was the number one high school news program in the country when I attended. We were also the only high school with a network affiliate at the time. Every Saturday morning at 10:30am we produced a 30 minute news program on Fox 13 called Fox ThirTEEN Magazine. I was a member of the package team, Team Adventure. Every week, we would travel around Florida going to different events and attractions. We covered everything from laser tag to Segway tours of downtown St. Pete to Disney World and Sea World’s Discovery Cove.


CollegeWhen it came time to apply for college I wanted to continue working in production at the University of Florida. I started gaining experience by media logging for a documentary called “Chasing Health”, about US citizens traveling abroad for less expensive healthcare. I volunteered with several productions at WUFT, including the nightly 5:30 news program and North Florida Journal. In 2009, Adam Sharp, a fellow UF undergrad, and I started a production company called Deadpan Productions. Deadpan Productions created a series of short segments for the Office of Admissions on what it means to be a student at the University of Florida. Each video showcased another aspect of student life at UF and what it means to be a member of the “Gator Nation”.


During the Summer of 2010. I began interning in the Tampa Bay area at Rokosz Studios and Litewave Media. After several weeks of interning, I left my internship at Rokosz Studios to pursue a job offer from Litewave Media. Working at Litewave Media, I handled everything from sales to writing and editing. I continued to work at Litewave Media even after I returned to UF to finish my senior year of Telecommunications.


My final year at UF was spent working closely with the Office of Admissions to develop and grow the “Gator Nation” series. In the first semester alone, our production team produced 8 web shorts while maintaining a full course load, jobs, and producing a short film. The short film, entitled “4 Kings“, was a labor of love and involved many long nights. I was the producer, as well as a co-writer on the project. It was a learning experience, and it sparked a desire in me to start writing more scripts and working on more films. My final semester at UF, I co-wrote and filmed a short film noire directed by a friend of mine, called “Stormy Night“. Later in the semester I wrote my own film, a thriller, called “Country Road“. I also busied myself learning After Effects to create commercials, station brandings, kinetic typographies, and credit sequences. My senior year also rekindled my interest in working in news. I began working as an Associate Producer for WCJB-TV20, the ABC affiliate, in Gainesville, Florida.

travel bloggingTRAVEL BLOGGING

Following my senior year at the University of Florida, I spent two and a half months touring Europe, traveling and blogging about my trip until my laptop and camera were stolen in Prague, Czech Republic. I continued my trip and found ways to enjoy myself without my photography. The second half of the trip was very different. Suddently instead of being a tourist, I felt more like a traveller. I carried nothing but a backpack, and often not even that.


When I returned to the states, I became a project manager for a medical software company and helped to oversee the installation of a suite of medical software for documenting vitals and patient history in an ambulatory setting. I enjoyed the job, but ultimately wanted to return to film. After about a year in the medical field, I accepted a job at HSN, the Home Shopping Network, in my hometown of St. Petersburg. I worked there for a year editing sizzles and packages. About a year into that job, the travel bug bit me again and the desire to see the world took over.


Nicole and I in front of Osaka CastleMy girlfriend and I accepted teaching Jobs in Korea and moved over here June 23rd 2013. Currently I am teaching full time, while blogging and photographing on nights and weekends. It’s 2015 and we’re still here teaching up a storm. Our second teaching contract we moved into a smaller town and a bigger apartment. This year we’re teaching together at an English field trip center called English Town.